Who We Are

I have dealt with many Italian and international companies, performing highly responsible tasks.

I am aware the push to develop large businesses starts firstly by having good relationships among loyal people who share the same entrepreneurial passion. Hub Ltd was born thanks to it. Its business comes from a revolutionary idea where its partners can be available to other Market Groups, with Hub Ltd’s guaranteering and supervising.

We are part of an International Trading Agency which operates as a platform for commerce; we enable our partners to create and develop their own distribution networks in their area of jurisdiction, giving them the opportunity to share both their experiences and contacts through an ongoing talk among all members of the Group.

HUB LTD’s aim is to export the best Made in Italy throughtout the world, enhancing taste, details and quality, sure that behind a poor product an equally bad entrepreneur works.

In fact, selling quality goods should not be only a matter of business, but also sharing values and passions that lets “living better” possible. How would our world ever cope without Made in Italy?

Sandro Forcolin